SoPhone, a Surprisingly Good Looking iPhone 4 Knockoff

Over the last decade, some Chinese manufacturers have proven to be extremely good at building iPod, iPhone and iPad knockoffs, but so far, despite the fact that the replicas look like the real deal at first glance, they all fall short once powered on. However, a Chinese manufacturer from Shenzhen recently went the extra mile, as the SoPhone, an iPhone 4 clone, looks just like the original device, from looks, to user interface. Even though the device’s interface resembles iOS 4.x, the device is not powered by an Apple A4, but sports a Mediatek 6235 chipset instead, a cheap – and relatively slow – processor. The SoPhone’s screen offers the resolution of the iPhone 3GS, as it comes with a 3.5-inch screen offering a 480 by 320 pixels resolution, and the device comes with 4GB of memory, as well as WiFi and 3G connectivity. Nobody really knows what operating system is powering the device, but the SoPhone offers many features inspired by the real iPhone 4, from multitasking to folders.

The SoPhone sports the same dimensions as the iPhone 4, so it fits in all iPhone 4 cases. If you’re in the market for a device that looks like an iPhone 4, but costs less than half, the SoPhone could be for you, as it only costs $200. Don’t expect to be able to connect it to iTunes or download iOS apps for it though!