Fake Angry Birds Movie Trailer Hits YouTube

Whether you love it or hate it, Angry Birds is here to stay. Less than two years ago, the franchise started out as a ‘little’ iPhone game, and it only took months before the series became the most successful iOS game ever. Since then, the game has spawned multiple sequels, such as Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio, and the Angry Birds fever is not about to stop, as the game is now available on a slew of devices, including iPad, Android, and game consoles. The series also generates plenty of merchandising revenue for its developer, thanks to a dedicated line of toys and iPhone/iPad cases, and Rovio recently took its game to the big screen, as the developer inked a deal with Universal Studios to tie its game to the studio’s upcoming computer-animated movie, Rio. The folks at Rooster Teeth couldn’t resist at poking some fun at the franchise, and came up with a fake trailer for an alleged Angry Birds movie – Rooster Teeth really went out of its way, as the trailer looks incredibly real. Note to Angry Birds fans: this video may disturb you!