Steve Jobs: MobileMe to Drastically Improve Early Next Year

While MobileMe is appealing on the paper, the service never took really off the way Apple expected, mostly due to the fairly high yearly fees, while folks like Google offer similar services free of charge. In other words, many iOS users started to wonder what was the point of paying $99 a year for a service only marginally different to free competitors. Apple heard these frustrations, and started to offer some features for free, such as the “Find My iPhone/iPad” functionality, in order to boost the MobileMe adoption. But these changes are only the tip of the iceberg, as Apple plans a major overhaul for next year. An iOS user contacted Apple CEO Steve Jobs directly, in order to point out its dissatisfaction with the service.  Jobs took the time to respond to the complaints, and simply stated:
Yes, it [MobileMe] will get a lot better in 2011
Not much is known at this stage, but the overhaul of the service will likely lead to highly enhanced cloud-based features, thanks to the cloud storage and computing facility Apple is currently building. Beyond basic features such as calendar, mail and iDisk, many expect the service to offer a full blown cloud-based experience, accessible from anywhere, and from any device. Finally, it is likely that Apple will slash its prices, offer tiered pricing, or even make the service completely free, depending on the amount of features users will actually be willing to pay for.