‘iTun.es’ Now Official iTunes Link Shortener

About four years ago, Apple acquired the itun.es domain name, but nobody really knew what the plan was for this new web outlet, as the company only parked the name, and didn’t use it for any of its products or services. Flash forward to 2010: since the acquisition of the domain, the Cupertino-based introduced many new services, including its new social music service Ping. The company also launched new versions of iOS and iTunes, capable of supporting Ping natively. Since Ping heavily relies on social networks, the domain name naturally found its use as a link shortener, used by iTunes to allow users to share their favorite songs via Twitter.

The Twitter integration started late last week, and users sharing iTunes content to Twitter are now automatically offered the itun.es domain to generate links for their Tweets, instead of Twitter’s default ‘t.co’. The newly launched service marks another milestone in Apple’s strategy to offer large scale social services related to its devices and online services. The itun.es domain will also allow Apple to better track what content is twitted, and re-twitted, for analytics purposes.