iOS Developer Receives $600,000 in Funding from Google

Apple and Google may be at odds these days, it doesn’t prevent the search heavyweight from funding great ideas for iOS apps. Earlier today, Google gave a whopping $600,000 to app developer Miso Media, the author of Miso Music, to help launch an app designed to teach users how to play guitar, directly from their iOS-powered device. Unlike Guitar Hero, the app isn’t exactly a game, and requires the user to use proper guitar techniques, as the app’s focus is to help guitarist wannabes learn how to play correctly on their own, and help veterans learn how to play other types of instruments. Miso Music already attracted guitar giants such as the Fender Music Foundation, and features six different types of instruments, namely guitar, ‘ukulele, regular and five-string bass, mandolin and banjo. Miso Music is compatible with all iOS-powered devices, and will soon be ported to Android, one of the reasons that motivated Google to invest in the app. Miso Music will be priced $2.99, and is currently being reviewed by Apple for inclusion in the App Store. Users will also be offered additional instruments via in-app purchases, in case mastering the six instruments already bundled in the app is not enough. Google Ventures and other venture capitalists are heavily investing in ideas for new apps these days, if you think your app is innovative enough, and shows tremendous potential, you can try to contact them here.