WikiLeaks for iPhone and iPad Now Available

WikiLeaks, the controversial organization famous for publishing submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks on its website, now has its own iOS app. The app allows you to browse the WikiLeaks database directly from your iOS-powered device, and offers a much more user-friendly interface than the actual website. The app also notifies you when updates from the official WikiLeaks Twitter account are available. The app, which is more or less a pretty wrapper around the WikiLeaks website, is not an official WikiLeaks app, as it was designed by a third party developer. The developer, Hint Solutions, claims that half of the app’s revenue will be donated to the WikiLeaks organization, something you might want to consider before purchasing the app, especially if you do not agree with the organization’s modus operandi.

While we do not endorse the WikiLeaks organization, we’re quite intrigued to see such a controversial app making it into the App Store. We’re not sure whether the app will remain in the App Store for long or not, but it is currently available, and costs $1.99.