Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak Coming Soon

The Dev-Team, the group behind most iOS jailbreaks, is giving final touches to its upcoming untethered jailbreak for iOS-powered devices running iOS 4.2.1. The new jailbreak, expected to be available on Christmas day, will be compatible with the whole product line, namely iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. According to prominent Dev-Team members MuscleNerd and comex, Christmas day is the release date currently targeted by the team, but the new jailbreak could be available even earlier, depending on the team’s progress within the next couple of days. As of now, iOS users running 4.2.1 had no choice but to use some combination of redsn0w, pwnage2, arm7_go, 24kpwn, and limera1n to jailbreak their device. Another alternative was to keep iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads running on an older release of iOS. When released, the new jailbreak should work out of the box, without the need of other exploits. If you cannot wait for the update to be released, you can always use the Dev-Team’s redsn0w jailbreak (guides are available all over the web). But given its imminent release, and its ease of use, the new tool seems worth the short wait. As usual, even though jailbreaking your device is considered legal, always keep in mind that Apple considers it a warranty-voiding act.