Apple Bans WikiLeaks iOS App from the App Store

A couple days ago, we were surprised to see a WikiLeaks app making it into the App Store (see here), given the controversial nature of the content displayed by the app. WikilLeaks for iPhone and iPad was designed to browse the WikiLeaks database directly from your iOS-powered device. WikiLeaks, the controversial organization famous for publishing submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks on its website, was not involved with the development of the app, but its developer, Hint Solutions, likely hoped to make a buck thanks to the current media coverage around WikiLeaks and its founder. The app sold for $1.99, and was approved by Apple on December 17. Three days later, without a formal explanation, Apple decided to pull the app out of the app Store, following the footsteps of other U.S. companies such as Paypal and Amazon, which promptly ended their business relationships with WikiLeaks soon after the organization released classified U.S. government documents. While technically the app developer can always challenge this decision in court, and can try to re-submit his app for approval, the app will most likely be rejected in its current form, as it violates Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines on multiple counts.