Second Generation Apple TV: 1 Million Units Sold

Earlier this morning, Apple announced encouraging sales figures for the second generation Apple TV, as the Cupertino-based company is expecting to reach the 1 million units sold milestone sometime this week. The set-top-box, launched less than three months ago, sells for less than $100, making it the cheapest iOS-powered device available to date, right after the iPod Touch. The Apple TV apparently makes a great holiday gift, as its sales figures increased sharply during the holiday season: while Apple sold about 250,000 units within the first month following its launch back in October, since then, Apple sold an additional 750,000 units, an average of 375,000 units per month. The second generation Apple TV, thanks to its aggressive price, is steadily proving to be more successful than the first generation device it replaces. Features such as 720p HD video, movie rentals, AirPlay support, Netflix support, and the fact that the device can run iOS apps, helped convince many potential buyers to make the move. The new device also quickly became popular with hackers, as the jailbreaking techniques used on iPhone, iPad and iPod can be applied to the Apple TV. For instance, applications such as PwnageTool allow users to create their own custom Apple TV firmware, allowing users to install third party software on their device. While the amount of software currently available for the new Apple TV is limited, several iOS developers are working on new apps built specifically for the device.