HP and Palm Announce New Tablets

Palm Inc., the handheld firm purchased by HP about six months ago, has been fairly quiet for the last couple months. Things may be about to change soon, as the Sunnyvale-based company is about to announce its very own line of WebOS-powered tablets at the upcoming CES trade-show in Las Vegas early next year. According to a FoxNews.com report, the company’s upcoming ‘PalmPad’ tablets are already in production, and Palm is expected to introduce three distinct models at the show next year. The tablets’ hardware is based on the HP Slate design, however, the new tablets will sport ARM processors, and will run a brand new version of WebOS, version 2.5.1.

The PalmPads are expected to feature front and rear-facing cameras, an HDMI port, as well as native 4G wireless support via Sprint’s network. The three models will offer various sizes, from 7-inch to 10-inch. While HP/Palm is late to the tablet party, it will be interesting to see what enhancements to WebOS Palm worked on over the last couple months, enhancements designed to go head-to-head against what iOS 4.2.1 already offers to iPad owners today.