Turn your iOS devices into Universal Remotes with the GEAR4 UnityRemote

UK-based GEAR4, a company known for its iPhone/iPod speakers/docks and Angry Birds themed iPhone cases, announced earlier today the availability of its UnityRemote, a neat looking infrared blaster designed to turn your iOS devices into universal remote controls. The UnityRemote can be placed anywhere in a room, as it features five infrared transmitters designed to blast infrared signals in all directions, providing 360 degrees of coverage. To control the blaster from your favorite iOS device, GEAR4 offers a free app you can download from the app store. The app communicates with the UnityRemote via Bluetooth, and in turn the UnityRemote blasts the proper infrared commands to devices such as TVs and home theaters. The app comes pre-loaded with thousands of infrared commands for most major electronics manufacturers such as Sony or Samsung, but in case one of your devices is not already pre-configured, the app is also able to learn infrared commands, in order to support virtually any equipment out there.

Like with the Logitech Harmony remotes, users can set up activities to control multiple devices simultaneously: for instance, if you want to watch a DVD, the app will automatically fire up your TV, DVD player, as well as receiver if you use one. The layout of the buttons displayed by the app can also be customized on a per activity basis, so that only the buttons relevant to a specific activity are displayed on your screen.

The UnityRemote is compatible with most iOS-powered devices, and is available at retailers like Amazon for $99.