Kinect-Like Motion Detection Technology for iPad in the Works

The touch-screen technology found in most handheld devices is at its all-time high these days, and it is getting increasingly difficult to find a device that does not sport some kind of on-screen touch-based interface. However, it could soon be replaced by even more advanced technologies, such as the touch-free interface offered by the Kinect. Elliptic Labs, a Norwegian tech shop, plans to show its own touch-free interface for the iPad at CES 2011: an iPad dock able to recognize your gestures. Unlike the Kinect that uses infrared for motion detection, Elliptic Labs’ dock uses ultrasounds to recognize the user’s gestures. Once docked, your iPad automatically reacts to your movements, allowing you to use it in situations where touching the device is a big no-no (in the kitchen, in the bathroom, while fixing your car…). And like with the Kinect, such technology would allow developers to offer a whole new genre of games.