iOS Developers Enjoying Holiday Season Downloads Surge

iPhones, iPads and iPod touches were eagerly waiting to be unwrapped this holiday season, and a slew of new iOS-powered devices were activated over the last couple days, which led to an impressive spike of downloads at the App Store. Business Insider managed to obtain some figures for a couple of apps, namely Facebook and Tap Tap Revenge, to illustrate the trend – for instance, Facebook was downloaded a whopping 1.6 million times since Friday, pushing the number of active app users to 57 million.

As for Tapulous, the developer behind the Tap Tap Revenge franchise, the firm managed to sell up to 45,000 apps per hour, twice as much as last Christmas. The App Store downloads figures were also fueled by the fact that from small shops such as Zeptolab (Cut the Rope) to large game producers like Gameloft (Assassin’s Creed, Driver…), a large part of the iOS developers community released holidays-themed free apps, and/or put many of their apps on sale right before Christmas. [Photo Credit: Business Insider]