Stream Any Content Sources to your Apple TV with AirFlick

The author of the OS X AirPlay-compatible player AirPlayer, designed to allow users to stream content from iOS-powered devices to Macs, just released a new AirPlay-related tool over the weekend. Called AirFlick, the tool allows users to stream content from other sources than iTunes to their second generation Apple TV. The alpha version of the tool is already available at the author’s site, and is free. The tool works great with Apple TV compatible files, but if for some reason you need to stream video formats that cannot be read by your Apple TV natively, the tool will not work. However, a TUAW reader came up with a workaround, by converting your content on-the-fly:
How to Add Live Conversion to Erica Sadun’s AirFlick App Ok, by doing this hack, you can stream ANY video format sitting on your Mac to your AppleTV. I’m testing out an mkv file right now, and it works like a charm! Download the unofficial Mac AirVideo client here. Start playback of a video using live conversion from within this unofficial client, it should hand off the streaming video to Quicktime X. Inspect the stream by viewing the Movie Inspector (check the “Window” menu for Quicktime). Write down that url. Paste that url into Erica Sadun’s Airflick app and boom now your AppleTV can basically play any video you throw at it! Looking forward to someone streamlining the process into a neat little app. OPTIONAL One extra little note: you don’t have to necessarily download the unofficial Mac AirVideo client above. You can instead begin playback of a video from within the AirVideo iphone app, then go to the mac serving up the stream, and type “ps ax | grep ffmpeg”, and grab the alphanumeric string following the –conversion-id flag. Then paste into AirFlick the following: http://[YOUR-SERVER’S-IP-ADDRESS]:45631/live-playback-2.4.0/index_[CONVERSION-ID].m3u8
A simple video of the tool was shot by the author, and is available below.