Sixth Generation iPod Nano Hacked?

Even though the sixth generation iPod nano does not really run iOS, but an ultra-light iOS-like operating system instead, it does not prevent the hacking community to look at ways to expand its capabilities. Almost four months after its launch, the first basic hacks for the device are now emerging, as the folks at managed to hack the device’s user interface. The hack is a only a proof of concept at this stage, as for now the developer only managed to create a blank space on the device’s screen – a feat that won’t impress many. Truth is, the hack may not seem like much, but it required the developer to bypass the nano’s security mechanisms, as without the hack, modded icons are automatically removed by the device. In other words, and with additional work, modders could soon be able to add new functionalities to the device.

James Whelton, the developer behind also discovered a couple of interesting tidbits within the guts of the device’s operating system, as he found files designed for currently unsupported features, such as apps and videos support:
Next is the discovery in some of the device’s plists of reference to support of Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calender events and so on, with a few other cool things like a passcode lock. With the bypass I figured out, I hope to enable these pretty soon. It seems like the OS is a rehashed version of the previous nano’s OS.
Note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the device will ever offer video playback, or its own App Store.