A Slew of New iHome Speakers for the iOS Family

Three days away from CES 2011, iHome already announced its brand new line of speakers for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Prepare to brace yourself, as the company is about to release no less than eight new products. Most of the speakers are “app-enhanced,” as they are compatible with the iHome suite of apps designed to let you control your clock/speaker features directly from your iOS-powered device. The company will soon release the following products:
  • iA63 – An app-enhanced alarm/clock/radio/speaker offering an interesting motorized rotating dock for iPhone and iPod. The dock can rotate your iPod or iPhone from vertical to landscape at the touch of a button, making it ideal for widescreen video viewing.

  • iA91 – An app-enhanced dual alarm/clock/radio/speaker for iPhone and iPod. iHome’s top-selling docking alarm clock since 2005 offers a new design and finally supports the iHome apps.

  • iDM12 – A rechargeable portable soundbar that streams your iPad, iPhone or iPod tunes via Bluetooth.

  • iDM15 – A rechargeable portable set of powerful – yet small – speakers, wrapped up in a handy protective travel case that transforms into an iPad, iPhone, or netbook stand when speakers are in use. Like the iDM12, the iDM15 uses Bluetooth to connect to your iOS devices.

  • iDM70 – A protective ‘sound sleeve’ case and stand for the iPad with built-in rechargeable speakers. The case is made of protective silicone and can be used in multiple configurations. The built-in rechargeable speakers are very flat, so the case is surprisingly thin.

  • iD28 – A rechargeable, app-enhanced portable clock/radio/dock for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The dock features six speakers.

  • iD85 – A n app-enhanced dual alarm/clock/radio/dock for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, featuring a top-mounted dock.

  • iA17 – An app-enhanced dual alarm/clock/radio/speaker for iPhone and iPod that features a olor changing mood light that syncs with the music.
If you’re in the market for a new iPad, iPhone or iPod dock, be patient, as these new speakers are expected to be released throughout the year.