iOS Fans, Brace Yourself, Android Honeycomb is Coming

The next generation of Android, Honeycomb, is about to hit the shelves, and earlier today, Google released a trailer to showcase the features of the tablet version of the upcoming mobile operating system. The video was initially released to Android developers only, but it only took minutes before it appeared on popular video websites such as YouTube. According to the trailer, Android was re-engineered “entirely for tablet,” and the video shows major changes, such as a new user interface, clear improvements in the responsiveness of the operating system, and most of all, many new user-friendly features. Finally, the iPad is about to get some competition. The gap between current and next generation of Android is massive, as the new operating system appears a lot sleeker than any other version of Android launched to date, with countless widgets, a new virtual desktop similar to Mac OS X’s Spaces, and of course, video chat capabilities. Honeycomb is Google’s response to the launch of the iPad: Google quickly went back to the drawing board when it realized Android 2.x was not suited to compete against Apple’s tablet, and after more than 6 months of work, the efforts start to show results. Besides Samsung, the vast majority of Android licensees even delayed the launch of their tablets in order to feature the new operating system. Apple is not resting on its laurels though, as the Cupertino-based company is giving final touches to the next generation of the iPad, to be announced within the next coming months.