When Will the App Store Hit 10 Billion Downloads?

As you should know by now, the App Store is about to reach a new milestone, as the online store is about to serve its 10 billionth app. For the occasion, Apple will offer a $10,000 gift card to the lucky person who downloads the 10 billionth app from the store (click here for more details). With a little over 200 million downloads to go, it will take some time before the App Store actually hits the 10 billion served apps mark. But how long exactly? If accurate, the counter featured on the contest page shows that Apple is serving a little under 30 million apps a day, and at the time this article was written, exactly 203,905,498 apps needed to be downloaded for the counter to hit 10 billion. Assuming that the daily download rate remains constant, the lucky winner should be picked either Friday or Saturday next week. In other words, to win the $10,000 gift card, make sure to download a couple of free or paid apps by the end of next week. To enter the contest, there is nothing to do, except being the one who downloads an app right after the 999,999,999th app has been served. Note that the contest is not limited to the U.S., as according to the contest’s rules, entrants only need to be at least “13 years of age or older at time of entry, and a legal resident of a participating App Store country.”

Alternatively, Apple has also provided an entry form for entrants who do not own iOS-powered devices, or who do not wish to download apps. The form allows entrants to try their luck up to twenty five times a day, and each entry will count as an app download. The form is available here.