iTunes and Safari to Merge into a Single App [RUMOR]

A new rumor about the possibility to see iTunes and Safari become a single application emerged earlier today, as the folks at Three Guys and a Podcast allegedly heard that Apple is overhauling both applications in order to merge them together. The move is expected to turn Safari+iTunes into a major multimedia hub, able to ingest and playback a slew of content types, from web pages, to movies, music and apps. The move is also expected to mark the rebirth of Lala, a music service purchased by Apple in late 2009. The new version of Safari+iTunes would heavily rely on the technology built by Lala, as most – if not all – of the user’s content would be moved to the cloud-based service Apple is currently building. Users would then be able to browse and access their content the same way they browse websites – after all, this wouldn’t be much of a stretch for the company, as iTunes exclusively relies on web-based mechanisms such as HTTP to communicate with Apple’s servers. The integration between Safari and iTunes would also dramatically increase Safari’s market share, as users would have to use Safari to gain access to their content, and to manage their iOS-powered devices. The new Safari+iTunes app is rumored to be announced during Apple’s yearly music event in September. Lala was an online social music store created that allowed members to legally create online shareable playlists of their own uploaded music, for other members to listen to. The website allowed its users to purchase MP3s, stream music for a fee, buy new CDs. Before it was sold to Apple, Lala offered a large catalog of albums to stream or purchase, with over 8 million licensed songs available.