10 Billion Apps Countdown – Remember to Download an App Tonight!

The App Store will serve its 10 billionth app very soon! As you should know by now, for the occasion, Apple will offer a $10,000 gift card to the lucky iOS user who downloads the 10 billionth app from the store. Since the launch of the 10 billion downloads counter (available here), we noticed that the App Store delivers between 30 and 33 million apps on a daily basis. Given that at this very second, exactly 17,068,304 apps need to be downloaded for the counter to hit 10 billion, the winner should be picked either late tonight, or very early tomorrow morning – so make sure to setup your alarm clock to remember to download at least an app. Note that as we get closer to 10 billion apps delivered, the counter will likely accelerate, as thousands of users will try to download apps in order to win the gift card.

If you do not wish to download an app, or if you simply do not own an iOS-powered device, you can still enter the contest, via a special entry form provided by Apple (available here). The app store keeps hitting milestones one after another. Recently, the store already reached a major milestone, as on October 20, 2010, the store hit the 300,000 apps mark. Later today, or early tomorrow, Apple should proudly announce that it has delivered 10 billion apps to users across the globe since the launch of the app store on July 10, 2008.