Airplay-Capable Apps Start to Appear in the App Store

AirPlay is a great feature brought by Apple to iOS and desktop computers, allowing them to share/stream content between each other. However, no apps using the feature have been approved so far, and for now, only the second generation Apple TV is currently able to stream content from computers running iTunes. The first third party app offering AirPlay features approved in the App Store was AirView, an app put together by Erica Sadun, able to stream content from iTunes to any iOS-powered devices, and directly between the devices – for instance, from an iPhone to an iPad. While the app works great, it’s also a bit basic, and uses ‘hacks’ instead of the full blown AirPlay API. With iOS 4.3 around the corner, things are about to change, as the new iteration of our favorite operating system will allow any approved app to natively leverage AirPlay. Apple already started to accept AirPlay-enabled apps submissions, and a handful of AirPlay-enabled apps are already available in the App Store, weeks before the actual release date of iOS 4.3. One of them, StreamToMe, was just updated and released today, and now offers native AirPlay streaming.

AirView sharing – From iPhone to iPad

The new version of StreaToMe hasn’t changed dramatically, as it still allows you to play videos, music and photos over WiFi or 3G, from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, without having to convert anything. The main new feature the app now offers is the ability to use AirPlay when available, without having to install a server app – ServeToMe – on your computer. Using TV out cables, StreamToMe is also able to play the content through your TV, turning your iPhone/iPod/iPad into an Apple TV-like device – without support for HD though.


StreamToMe is just the first app we’ve seen, and since the release of iOS 4.3 beta, a slew of developers are working on including native AirPlay capabilities into their apps, so many more should follow. If you happen to have iOS 4.3 beta installed on your iOS-powered device, you can give the app a shot. The app costs $2.99, and is available here.