Real Life ‘The Incident’: Hilarious! [VIDEO]

We love the Big Bucket Software game The Incident here at iOSnoops, but nowhere near as much as these guys! A group of five people who seem to be huge fans of the popular iOS app decided to try to play the game for real – that is, with real falling objects to dodge. While the ‘hero’ performs honorably on the video, it is clear that playing the game in real-life is incredibly more difficult than playing the iOS app! The poor guy tries to avoid a rain of random objects, from cars to road signs, in order to climb to safety. Also notice the impressive soundtrack!

If you’ve never played The Incident, here is a video of the actual game:

Playing iOS games in real-life is becoming popular these days. Last week, a couple of hilarious shirtless ninjas already spoofed the game Fruit Ninja, slicing through a slew of fruits thrown at them (click here for more details). On a side note, The Incident is a great – and insanely addictive – retro-game released last year. You can download it here. [Video credit: Greg Borenstein, Mike Cohen, Spike McCue, David Phillips, Liza Singer, Steve Kline, Brian Jones]