Death Grip: Verizon iPhone not Immune to Antenna Issues

Even though the Verizon-compatible version of the iPhone 4 has been redesigned to avoid a new Antennagate, it it looks like the new version of the phone is not completely immune to the ‘death grip effect’. iLounge reported yesterday that reception issues are also experienced with the CDMA phone, if held too tightly. Beyond 3G, the site also demonstrated that WiFi download speeds were dramatically reduced when the phone was held a certain way. As a result, web browsing is noticeably slower, or completely stalled, depending on the test. Interestingly enough, while the 3G download speeds seem to be affected when the user holds the phone in one hand, the Wi-Fi reception issues actually appear when the device is held with two hands, horizontally (landscape orientation).

This is not the first time the iPhone 4 is singled out for reception issues. Shortly after the iPhone 4 was launched, some consumers reported that the signal strength of the phone was reduced when touching the “antenna gap” on the lower left edge of the phone, the black stripe designed to keep the phone’s antennas separated from each other. As a result, users noticed an increase in dropped calls in some areas with lower signal reception. Note that most phones actually experience similar issues when held tightly, as demonstrated by Apple. However, the iPhone 4 seems to be much more vulnerable to the ‘death grip effect’ than most other phones out there. A simple solution to avoid the issue is to use a bumper or a case, to avoid direct contact with the phone’s antenna.