iPad 2 will not Feature Retina Display or SD Card Slot

The iPad 2 is around the corner, and more details about the upcoming device are pouring in. While the iOS community hoped to see both retina display and SD card slot make it into the new device, it appears that after all, most rumors were accurate, as the device will feature neither. According to several news outlets, including Engadget, engineering issues forced Apple to postpone its plans for a retina-grade resolution screen and new expansion slots until the iPad 3 launches. As a result, the iPad 2 allegedly went through last minute design changes to downgrade its display resolution to 1024×768, the same as the first generation iPad. So what will the device look like? The iPad 2 appears to be more like a modest update to the first generation model, rather than a major overhaul, as its processor will be the same as the one found in the first generation iPads, albeit clocked at a higher speed. The most important changes will be the amount of memory the device will embed (512MB instead of 256MB), as well as the new front and back cameras, for taking pictures, and to allow the iPad 2 to be compatible with FaceTime. Some design changes will be noticeable as well, as the device will feature a thinner, flatter back shell. The new device will be introduced at a special Apple event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts next week, alongside iOS 4.3, as well as a potential sneak peek of iOS 5. Note that the site believes these rumors to be highly accurate:
It’s worth noting once again that these sources have been dead right on specific Apple plans and specifications for unannounced products in the past, and we have no reason to believe these changes are due to anything more than legitimate engineering decisions made close to launch