Apple Experimenting with Android-Inspired Gestures for iOS

Apple has been working on new gestures for iOS for quite some time, such as four/five fingers gestures to jump from active apps to the home screen, to switch between apps, or to reveal the multitasking bar. As reported by 9to5mac, a new set of Android-inspired gestures is currently being experimented by Apple, to allow iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to unlock their device via a graphical pattern, instead of a numeric PIN. With this new graphical pattern unlock, users will be presented a ‘dot grid’, and will be required to correctly connect at least four dots to gain access to their device. The new unlock mechanism is already featured on several Apple internal apps, such as Apple Connect, an app used for sales-related activities, as well as the app used by Apple retail stores employees to perform sales transactions directly from their iPhones.

While the inclusion of the feature in future versions of iOS is unclear at this stage, Apple is pushing for the feature to be included in more and more apps. Potentially, such a mechanism could even been used for users to log into their iTunes account when using their iOS-powered devices, instead of having to enter a cumbersome password, even for basic tasks such as updating their apps to their latest versions. [Photos Credit: 9to5mac]