Picture of Alleged White iPad 2 Part Leaked

Is Apple about to announce both black and white versions of the iPad 2 on Wednesday? Based on a leaked picture uncovered by the folks at 9to5mac/ifixyouri, it would appear so. The part, found on a Chinese parts reseller website, shows a never-before-seen white bezel, obviously built for an iPad. However, we’re not completely convinced that the part is actually coming from an iPad 2. The part – a front touch panel – shows two distinct holes/cutouts, a large hole for the home button, as well as a smaller hole allegedly designed to host a camera. But the exact same small hole can be found in first generation iPads as well, as it is built to allow ambient light to reach the iPad’s light sensor, in order to allow the device to automatically adjust its screen luminosity. In other words, the part could simply be a first generation iPad mod, instead of an an actual iPad 2 touch panel. Nevertheless, a white iPad 2 would be a nice surprise, and after all, Apple may have combined camera and light sensor together, similarly to the iPhone 4. Even if they never hit store shelves thus far, white iOS devices are not a novelty, as Apple has been trying to launch a white iPhone 4 for a while. However, white devices are more difficult to build than their black counterparts, and for instance the white iPhone 4 has proved to be a bag of hurt for Apple. Apple was supposed to release both black and white iPhone 4s simultaneously back in June 2010, but the white version was delayed several times, and has yet to be released. The iPad 2 will be announced on Wednesday, during a special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The device is expected to hit store shelves shortly after the event. [Photo credit: 9to5mac/ifixyouri]