Play PS3 Games on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

everyAir, a little handy VNC-like app that allows you to remotely connect to your Mac or PC via your iOS device, offers a neat – yet barely documented – feature: besides being able to let iOS-powered devices users play OS X and Windows games, it can also be used to play PS3 games. Don’t rejoice too quickly though, as playing PS3 games on an iOS device is not exactly straightforward, but if you own a PC/Mac, a PS3, and some extra hardware, it should only takes 10 minutes to make your device ‘PS3-enabled’. In order to play your favorite PS3 games via your phone or tablet, you will need to connect your PS3 to your computer via a capture device such as an Hauppauge HD DVR, or via a higher end graphic card that allows video input. You will also need to connect an input interpreter such as the PS3 Eagle Eye Mouse or the KB converter to your PS3. From there, all you need to do is to install a custom build of everyAir on your computer, and you should be able to stream the video output of your PS3 to your to your iOS-powered device, and everyAir will send your gestures back to your PS3. PandaElf Labs, the development shop behind everyAir, put together a demo video (available below), and the results are nothing short of amazing. The software is still at a beta stage for now, but the developer is currently working on improving everyAir to allow users to fully customize the PS3 experience, with dedicated gestures.

everyAir is available on the App Store, for more details, click here.