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Boxee Coming to iPad in May

Boxee just announced that its iPad app will finally be released in May. Once released, the app will allow Boxee users to stream wirelessly the content available on their Boxee Box to their iPad, when connected to the same network.

According to its developers, Boxee for iPad will also allow iPad users to play content stored on their Mac or PC, just like AirVideo, and the now defunct ZumoCast.

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Where do all the Grey Market iPad 2s go?

If you’re in the market for an iPad 2, and don’t care about the price, the easiest place to find one is eBay. Since the launch of the device on March 11, thousands of eBayers listed iPad 2s for sale on the auction giant’s website.

While many believed that the vast majority of iPad 2s listed on eBay would end up being sold to international buyers, it turns out that most of them stayed here, in the U.S.

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iPhone and iPad Apps Price Drops – March 31 Roundup

iPhone and iPad Apps Price Drops - March 31 Roundup

Need to stretch your apps budget? Here are 49 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps that just went on sale.

This deal alert includes apps like Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes, Destination: Treasure Island HD, MovieCat! HD, Secrets of Da Vinci HD, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, Diary Journal Pro – Easy & Popular Visual Multimedia – Best Private Memory Lane Events, Art of the Slow Cooker, and many others.

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New iPhone and iPad Apps – March 31 Roundup

New iPhone and iPad Apps - March 31 Roundup

Need new apps for your favorite device? Here are 47 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps that just launched.

This new apps alert includes apps like Death Rally, Treat Street HiDef, Big City Adventure: New York City HD, Litho, Spitball Shooter Lite, and many others.

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Next-Gen iPhone and iPad to Offer 3D Imaging Capabilities?

According to a new filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is considering including 3D cameras in the next generation of iOS devices. The patent, named “Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors,” shows a new set of cameras able to capture 3D pictures.

The application was discovered earlier today by AppleInsider, and shows a radical change in the concept of 3G images, as a set of two cameras would be able to take 3D images without the need of heavy software processing, and would allow iPhone and iPad users to take pictures in 3D on the fly, the same way they take 2D pictures today.

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iPhone and iPad Apps Gone Free – March 31 Roundup

iPhone and iPad Apps Gone Free - March 31 Roundup

Need more apps for your favorite device? iOSnoops can help! Here are 26 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps that have just gone free.

This apps gone free alert includes apps like BridgeBasher, Beautiful Tarot HD, Wig Booth HD, Justin Bieber Trivia Quiz, Emoji ◕‿◕, PDF, DOC, XLS Fast Reader, PhotoFrame Pro HD, and many others.

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OnBeat – A Unique Looking iPad and iPhone Dock from JBL

JBL is about to release its new iOS-compatible dock, named the OnBeat. The OnBeat is a great-looking speaker dock able to accommodate iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, thanks to its 30-pin dock connector able to pull the audio from iOS devices, while charging them.

The dock comes with a USB port, to allow users to connect their iOS device to iTunes while docked, as well as an infrared remote, to let users control their device remotely. The dock also offers a composite video output, to send videos from iOS devices to external displays. We would have preferred a full blown HDMI out connector, but that’s a decent start.
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New iPhone and iPad Apps – March 30 Roundup

New iPhone and iPad Apps - March 30 Roundup

iOSnoops is constantly on the lookout for new apps, and here are 30 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps recently released.

This new apps alert includes apps like Kick the Balloon Free, Glam Joe Ultimate, Color Check HD, Playing Teddy Bear HD, Sleep+, and many others.

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Track Down an iPad 2 via Real Time Inventory Trackers

The iPad 2 is such a massive success that Apple simply cannot keep up with the demand, and as a result, the device is almost impossible to find. The situation is not expected to improve soon, as the few Apple Stores that receive additional units run out of stock almost immediately.

Instead of camping in front of their local Apple retail stores, potential buyers might have a better chance at getting an iPad 2 by going to alternate retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart or Target. While Apple does not offer any way to check the inventory of its retail stores, most iPad 2 retailers actually do, and the following links, will give you real-time inventory information at all stores across the nation.

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Take Game Boy Era Pictures via your iPhone with 8-Bit Pocket Camera

Remember the Game Boy Camera, an accessory that could be plugged into the original Game Boy to turn the device into a digital camera? Developer Dezro recently released an iOS version of the system, to allow iPhone users to take 128×112, black & white images using the same 4-color palette as the Game Boy.

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iPhone and iPad Apps Price Drops – March 30 Roundup

iPhone and iPad Apps Price Drops - March 30  Roundup

Need to stretch your apps budget? Here are 35 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps that just went on sale.

This deal alert includes apps like Baseball Superstars® 2011 Pro, Awakening: The Dreamless Castle, Plunderland, Droplets HD, Is He Cheating?, MT101 for iPad, Craigly Premium – craigslist power search, and many others.

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Why Two Different 3G-Enabled iPad 2s?

Earlier this morning, iFixit published some interesting pictures of the internals of the iPad 2, showing different baseband (3G) chipsets for the at&t (GSM) and Verizon (CDMA) versions of the device: an Infineon chip for the former, and a Qualcomm chip for the later.

While early reports seem to indicate that the use of different baseband chipsets in the two 3G versions of the iPad 2 was a decision designed to cut costs, we’re thinking otherwise, as the use of different chipsets most likely increased costs: from design to production lines, building separate versions of the device required – and still requires – more resources, distinct teams, and additional testing.

Call us paranoid, but we’re not convinced that building different designs was a decision made by Apple.

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AT&T CEO: T-Mobile Deal Will Improve iPhone Service

According to a new report from Bloomberg, earlier today, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson met the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, to convince regulators that the acquisition of T-Mobile by his company would benefit consumers, including iPhone users, as the “tie-up would improve iPhone service,” and the merger would “improve AT&T’s network capacity by about 30 percent.”

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Apple Cracking Down on Jailbreaking?

When BGR announced the imminent launch of iOS 4.3.1, the site also offered unofficial release notes to highlight the changes brought by the update, including a fix for an unspecified “iPad 2 jailbreak vulnerability.”

Once the update was released, the jailbreak community quickly realized that this unknown vulnerability was nothing more than an exploit found by iPhone hacker comex in all version of iOS from 4.0.2 to 4.3. And here is the kicker: somehow, Apple managed to discover and close the exploit before a jailbreak using it hit the streets.

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