iPad 2 Launch Event: New Rumors, Steve Jobs Present as Spectator?

iPad fans, rejoice, as the next generation of the device will be introduced tomorrow during a special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. While most iPad 2 features have already been uncovered, a new set of rumors just surfaced this morning. According to AllThingsD, and unsurprisingly, the iPad 2 will be be slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, with a larger speaker, and an enhanced screen designed to offer a better reading experience in bright sunlight. The device will also be compatible with both Verizon and at&t, thanks to a new, ‘universal’ 3G wireless chipset. However, and unlike what we heard so far, the site believes the iPad 2 will sport an Apple ‘A5’ 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, based on the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture, as well as Imagination’s SGX543 graphic processing unit. While the site is likely correct when it comes to the speed of the processor, we’re not so sure the iPad 2 will sport the new A5 processor, as according to Digitimes, this new chip may not be ready before the launch of the iPhone 5 later this year. As a result, the iPad 2 may ‘only’ offer an enhanced, single-core Apple A4 – the same chip used to power the first generation iPad, albeit clocked at a higher speed. Note that the iPad 2 supposedly went through last minute design changes though, and one of these changes could very well be a CPU upgrade from A4 to A5, so the possibility to see a dual-core iPad tomorrow is not completely off the table. Also note that even though Steve Jobs is currently on leave of absence, the Apple CEO may be present at the event anyway, according to setteb.it. While the likelihood of seeing Steve jobs onstage tomorrow is slim, the iconic CEO may simply attend the event as a spectator.