Mac OS X Lion and iOS Integration in the Works?

When iOS was introduced back in 2007, the new operating system was positioned as an OS X fork – in other words, the two operating systems shared similar building blocks, even though they looked drastically different. Since then, iOS and OS X evolved separately, with iTunes serving as the sole ‘gateway’ between the two systems. But things may be about to change, as OS X Lion shows hints of additional layers of integration with iOS. For instance, the new iteration of OS X offers a new interface very similar to the one found in iOS, and includes support for iOS-like gestures. Integration between the OSes seems to go even further, as MacStories managed to uncover Mac OS X Lion files that suggest that the OS X Finder may soon be able to connect directly to iOS-powered devices, without having to go through iTunes.

The uncovered files show never-before-seen iPhone, iPad and iPod touch icons, meant to show up in the Finder’s sidebar when an iOS-powered device is connected to a Mac. A direct integration between the Finder and iOS could potentially allow users to easily transfer files such as documents, or even content, from one machine/device to the other. Apple may also let iDevices owners use their device just like a thumb drive. While this is just speculation at this stage, the presence of these new icons is not a coincidence, and clearly shows that Apple is actively working at integrating – or even merging – its two main operating systems. [Picture credit: MacStories]