Apple Online Store Down, iPad 2 Specs and Mockup Pictures Leaked

The announcement of the iPad 2 is around the corner, and as usual with major Apple events, the Cupertino-based company already took its online stores offline. While this could imply that the device may be available for purchase as early as today, the temporary shutdown is standard procedure for Apple, so the odds of seeing the iPad 2 hit store shelves today are fairly slim at this stage. Meanwhile, a new mock-up of a white iPad 2 hit the blogosphere, and shows a device very much in line with most rumors heard so far, as the device shown on the picture bears a new speaker grille, and white colors. As for the device’s specs, they allegedly appeared on Amazon’s German store. The listing mentioned a 1.2 GHz processor and 2 cameras, as expected. The site did not mention whether the processor was a single, or dual core though.

Interestingly, the Amazon listing also mentioned Thunderbolt connectivity, which implies that the new iPad will be able to connect to the newest Macs without the need of the ‘old’ 30-pin dock connector. The site also showed an on-sale date of March 17 in Germany, which seems to imply that the device will hit U.S. store shelves before that date.