iPad 2 Announcement – T Minus Twelve Hours Rumor Roundup

In less than 12 hours, Apple will introduce a brand new iPad during a special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Besides the iPad 2, several other announcements are expected to be made today, from a new version of iOS, to a completely revamped MobileMe. Here is a collection of what we’ve heard thus far. MobileMe Despite Apple‘s attempts at promoting the service, MobileMe has never proved to be a major success. A completely revamped version of MobileMe is expected to be showcased during the event, with brand new features, such as the ability to store content in Apple‘s cloud. Best of all, the service is expected to be completely free. iOS Apple is expected to offer a sneak peek of iOS 5, in order to give a taste of what the new operating system will offer once released. The new version of the OS is expected to be introduced in June, alongside the iPhone 5, so don’t expect the iPad 2 to use the new operating system yet. Instead, the new iPad is expected to come with iOS 4.3. Note that while the OS may not be available until this summer, Apple may launch the iOS 5 SDK tomorrow, to give iOS developers plenty of time to adapt their apps to the new operating system’s features and APIs. Event host The event is expected to be hosted by Apple COO Tim Cook, senior VP of product marketing Phil Schiller, as well as senior VP of iOS Software Scott Forstall. Even though Steve Jobs is currently on leave of absence, many expect him to be present at the event anyway. While the likelihood of seeing Steve jobs onstage tomorrow is slim, the Apple CEO may simply attend the event as a spectator. iPad 2 Of course, most of the event will be dedicated to the introduction of the next generation iPad. For a full list of rumors related to the upcoming device, click here.