iPad 2, King of the Tablets

The iPad 2 specifications are finally out, and the new device appears to be incredibly powerful. From CPU to graphics chipset, Apple completely revamped the device, and now offers the most powerful tablet ever built, for the same price – sorry Motorola, but Apple clearly wins at the specs game. After all, Apple opted for a new, dual-core processor, dubbed Apple A5. The new processor should offer twice the performance of its predecessor, the Apple A4, and will not consume more power. The embedded graphics chip also went through major upgrades, as it will deliver up to nine times the performance offered by its predecessor. Thanks to its new graphics chip, the iPad 2 is able to deliver HDMI video out at full 1080P, a nice improvement over the first generation iPad. Otherwise, most of the other specs are as expected: the device is a third thinner than the first generation iPad, and sports a flat shell tapered on the edges, as well as front and back cameras for pictures and FaceTime. The iPad 2 comes in two colors black and white, and supports both GSM and CDMA wireless networks, to allow users to pick between at&t or Verizon for 3G connectivity. The device’s price will remain the same, $499, $599 and $699 for the WiFi-only models, while the 3G-capable models will cost $629, $729 and $829, for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage, respectively.

[Credit pictures: engadget, Apple]