iPad 2 A5 Processor: Dual-Core, Better Graphics, 512 MB of Memory?

Much debate surrounds the new processor sported by the iPad 2, the Apple A5. Steve Jobs mentioned yesterday during his keynote that the new chip would offer 2 cores, but besides that, Apple hasn’t given much details about the processor, especially the amount of memory that comes with the chip. Yesterday night, an Apple representative allegedly admitted that the iPad 2 would ‘only’ come with 256MB, the same amount as the original iPad, and half of the amount of memory embedded in the iPhone 4. However, it appears that the Apple employee was misquoted, as after all, the processor will come with 512MB of memory. According to chipset guru Kakeun Lee, the iPad 2 will offer the same amount of memory as the iPhone 4, and will use a new type of faster memory, dubbed LPDDR2.

256 MB would have been a real disappointment for most iPad 2 users, as the amount of apps allowed to work simultaneously is directly related to the amount of free memory available on the device, and 256 MB is just ridiculously small by today’s standards. As for the graphics circuitry embedded on the A5, Apple hasn’t officially confirmed its origin, and the company only mentioned the fact that it delivers up to 9 times more performance than its predecessor. However, based on graphics drivers found in the beta and golden master versions of iOS 4.3, the Apple A5 is expected to come with a new PowerVR engine designed by Imagination Technologies, the SGX543.