Back By Popular Demand: Fake iPad 2 Promo Videos [UPDATED]

The iPad 2 has barely been announced, and the gang at jLE already posted a brand new fake iPad 2 promo video. Of course, the video is hilarious, and as usual, it mocks most of the features of the upcoming device. It’s not the first time jLE puts together such a video, as the band already produced similar videos for the iPad and the iPhone 4. Note that you need some sense of humor to appreciate the video, as these guys are not exactly nice with our favorite devices!

Also, television host and comedian Conan O’Brien ‘roasted’ the iPad 2 yesterday evening during his daily show on TBS. Similarly to the jLE team, Conan is not exactly nice with Apple, but still, the video is hilarious. Enjoy!

Update: And here is another one!