First Generation iPad Users on Unlimited Data Plan Grandfathered in with iPad 2 Purchase

If you purchased a first generation iPad shortly after its launch back in 2010, signed up for the now defunct unlimited data plan with at&t, and are still using it, good news, as you will be allowed to transfer your unlimited plan to a new iPad 2, if you decide to upgrade. The carrier just confirmed that those who currently use the plan will be able to keep it, and will not be forced to sign up for one of the two limited data plans now offered by at&t. One caveat though, if you decide to transfer your unlimited plan to a brand new iPad 2, your ‘old’ iPad will not be allowed to remain on that plan, so if you plan to use both devices, you will need to pick between the 250 MB or 2GB per month plans for your first generation iPad. When Apple launched the first generation iPad, at&t initially offered a single, no-contract $29.99 per month unlimited data plan, that expired on June 7th, 2010. After that date, new iPad owners were offered two new capped data plans, and only existing iPad customers who already had the $29.99 per month unlimited plan were allowed to remain on that plan onwards.