Vanity Fair and GQ Give Up on iPhone, Increase iPad Pricing

The iPhone and iPad may be extremely successful devices, they’re not perfect for everything. For instance, when it comes to publications, it is clear that so far, neither device helped the currently struggling publishing industry turn things around. Conde Nast, an early iOS adopter, is slowly giving up on the platform, as several of its major publications such as GQ and Vanity Fair will not be released on the iPhone any longer. The magazines will still be published on the iPad, but the publisher decided to increase the cost of each issue. The news comes from AllThingsD, who had the chance to discuss with Conde Nast representatives. The publisher admitted it was about to adjust the price of the iPad version of its publications, and will discontinue the discounts it currently offers. For instance, GQ and Vanity Fair used to come with a $1 to $2 discount per issue to loyal readers, but moving forward, the price break is gone, as both magazines now cost $4.99 per issue, period. So what’s really going on? While Conde Nast didn’t give additional details, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the discounts were abandoned in order to move the publications to the upcoming iTunes subscriptions program, specifically designed to charge iOS users at regular intervals in order to allow them to automatically receive their favorites magazines and newspapers. Nevertheless, the move is unexpected, and will likely hinder iPad publications sales more than anything else, as the high price per issue is the main reason why iPhone and iPad versions of magazines and newspapers have not been successful thus far. To put things in perspective, a one year subscription to the paper version of GQ can be purchased for $10 online, while the yearly subscription to the iPad version of the magazine costs almost $60 – the math simply doesn’t add up.