iOS Developers: Update your Apps for iPad 2!

Late last night, Apple posted a note on the iOS Dev Center website to invite iOS developers to update their apps for the upcoming launch of the iPad 2. The note is very similar to a note posted on Apple’s website shortly before the launch of the first generation iPad, even though the last time around, Apple published the note a lot earlier than four days prior to the launch of the new device. Apple is encouraging its developers to double check their apps, to make sure they are fully compatible with the device. According to Apple, the additional performance offered by the new Apple A5 processor will dramatically increase the speed of the apps built for the first generation iPad, which should allow developers to add additional features to their apps. Moreover, new capabilities impossible to deliver with the first generation iPad can now be offered to iPad 2 users, thanks to the device’s gyroscope, accelerometer, and dual cameras. In other words, expect great iPhone apps such as Hipstamatic to be available on the iPad 2 very soon. Thanks to the new Apple A5 dual-core processor, developers will now be able to build more powerful, multi-threaded apps, and thanks to the updated graphics engine, the iPad 2 will also be able to deliver screamingly fast 3D graphics, and should allow game developers to build PS3 and Xbox grade games.