iPad 2 Will Come Carrier Unlocked

If you plan to buy a brand new iPad 2 this coming Friday, good news, as the 3G version of the upcoming device will come carrier unlocked, just like the first generation iPad. In other words, nothing will prevent iPad 2 owners, from using a SIM card from another wireless provider, in order to use the device on another 3G network. The news comes from the folks over at iPadinCanada, who had the chance to talk to their local 3G providers, namely Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility. To be able to swap carriers, users will need to obtain – or fashion – a Micro-SIM card from their wireless carrier of choice, swap the SIM card that comes with the iPad, and fire up iTunes, to complete the switch. This news should come as a relief to international buyers eager to buy an iPad 2 via gray market channels, before the device is released in their respective countries, as the tablet will not need to be carrier unlocked via any specific tool to work out of the box. As for the U.S., T-Mobile fans will be able to use the device on their favorite network as well, but note that since T-Mobile uses non-standard 3G frequencies, the device may not be able to connect to T-Mobile’s 3G network in all markets. One main caveat, the SIM card swap will only work with GSM/UMTS providers, as CDMA/EVDO providers do not use SIM cards, and use a completely different method to allow mobile devices to run on their network – if you were planning to buy a Verizon-compatible iPad 2 to use it on Sprint’s network, you’re out of luck.