iPhone 5 to Come with Aluminum Shell, Redesigned Antenna

According to a new rumor published by the Taiwan-based news outlet Economic Daily News report, Apple will completely redesign the back shell of the upcoming iPhone 5, and will not feature the glass backing featured on the iPhone 4 any longer. The new phone, slated to be released around June 2011, will come with an aluminum casing instead, just like the original iPhone, introduced in 2007. The decision is allegedly motivated by a couple iPhone 4 issues encountered by some users, namely scratches, and shattered back casings. The new casing would also allow Apple to make the iPhone 5 lighter, as aluminum weighs a lot less than glass, and would allow Apple to offer a white iPhone 5, just like the iPad 2. Moreover, the new casing will allow Apple to completely redesign the phone’s antenna, and forget about the ‘death grip’ issues that plagued both at&t and Verizon versions of the iPhone 4 (see here, here and here for more details). Unsurprisingly, besides this new design, the publication also mentions that the upcoming device will come with a new processor, the Apple A5, a processor already featured in the soon-to-be-launched iPad 2. The phone is also expected to come with a large, ‘edge-to-edge’ 4-inch screen. If the Economic Daily News‘s claims prove to be true, the iPhone 5 will clearly be a major iPhone redesign, and will look a lot more like the first generation iPhone than its successors.