Is Apple Working on a New Version of its Online Store?

While the Apple online store went through several minor tweaks over the last decade, overall, the store experience has been fairly consistent, and not exactly unique, as the store is not much different than similar stores offered by competing brands. Things may change soon though, as Apple apparently decided to completely revamp the online store experience, and is currently on a hiring spree for top software developers and graphic designers. A slew job openings were posted on Apple’s corporate website last week, including several positions for “core services” engineers, whose task will be to build the “next-generation Apple Online Store.” Given the number of positions opened for this specific task, Apple is clearly planning drastic online store changes, and not only some minor tweaks to the current store.

We are looking for highly motivated, creative and entrepreneurial Software Engineers to deliver projects aimed at advancing the hugely successful Apple Online Store. We are looking for senior-level engineers with demonstrated experience delivering advanced solutions in a multi-tier, distributed environment. Do you enjoy building highly scalable, distributed web applications? Do you get excited about performance tuning java applications at the limits of memory and CPU? Do you enjoy working with other high output engineers? If so, then join our team and make a difference!
The news came from the folks at MacRumors, who managed to uncover the job listings earlier this morning. Over the years, Apple’s corporate website has proved to be an extremely reliable source of information, as for instance, positions for “Verizon iPad engineers” were opened months before a Verizon-compatible iPad actually launched.