Google Instant Previews now Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

About an hour ago, Google launched a new version of Instant Previews, now compatible with iOS-powered devices. If you’ve never heard about Instant Previews, the feature is a new service recently launched by Google, that allows you to see a visual preview of your search results, to help you pick which result is right for you. Google revamped the service specifically for iOS-powered devices, to take better advantage of the smaller screen. Once enabled, Instant Previews automatically presents magnifying glasses right next to Google Search results, designed to allow to preview sites in Mobile Safari, without having to leave the search engine. Instant Previews looks great on both iPhone and iPad, and should make your Google Search experience a lot more enjoyable, as flicking through website previews is a lot faster than clicking on search results, to check whether they are relevant or not. In other words, having to navigate back and forth between search results and actual websites is now passé.

To enable the feature on your device, simply go to the Instant Previews website. Note that the mobile version of Instant Previews is not limited to iOS only, as it is also compatible with other mobile operating systems, including Android.