Wallaby: Adobe’s ‘Trojan Horse’ to Bring Flash to iPad and iPhone [VIDEO]

The Apple-Adobe ‘Flash feud’ may soon be history, as Adobe, the software giant behind Flash, is currently working on new ways to bring Flash content to iOS, despite Apple’s restrictions on Flash-like technologies. The project, called Wallaby, relies on standard programming languages such as HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, to allow Mobile Safari to run Flash content, without the need of the Flash engine. The project is still at its early stages, but Adobe’s research department already released a free piece of software designed to help developers convert their Flash content to an iOS-friendly format. According to Adobe, “[the company’s] goal is to support our customers with whatever tools they need to get their creative content onto any device. […] We look forward to the user feedback about the code they’re generating with Wallaby and the use cases for which they end up using Wallaby. We believe Flash is the best long-term solution for things like games, video and RIAs where high levels of interactivity are required. And we believe HTML5 is just as imperative for things like banner ads, especially for devices such as iPad and iPhone.” While Flash developers will need to convert their work to this new format to share it with iPhone and iPad users, thanks to the tool, the process is pretty painless, as converting Flash animations only takes minutes. Of course, since the software is still at a beta stage, not all Flash features are supported yet, but things like vector graphics, keyframes, text and roll-overs are already working. At this stage, the team behind the project is targeting webkit-based browsers, such as Safari, Mobile Safari, and Chrome. While it will likely take some time before sites like Homestar Runner can fully run on iOS-powered devices, many basic Flash animations/apps should finally be made available to iPhone and iPad users very soon.