iPhone 5 to Come with Apple A5 Processor (Are you Surprised?)

The new version of iOS has barely been released to the public, and a couple of developers already took the new firmware apart, to see what secrets were buried into the new version of the operating system. @cronic, a twitter user, used a good old hex editor to look into the iOS 4.3 build for the iPad 2 (build 8F191), and more specifically, the files for the kernel of an unreleased version of the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, the reference to the new dual-core Apple A5 processor can be found in several locations. While these files do not make any explicit reference to the iPhone 5, they point to a mysterious device, codenamed ‘N94’. Previous generations of iPhones and iPads use very similar internal codenames (Nxx for iPhone, Kxx for iPad), however, thus far, ‘N94’ hasn’t been associated to any officially released iPhone, and the most recent version of the iPhone released by Apple – the Verizon iPhone 4 – bears the codename ‘N92’, while the most recent version of the iPad – the iPad 2 – is codenamed K94. The files point to a specific processor, codenamed ‘S5L8940’, which is the internal codename of the iPad 2 processor. In other words, the iPhone 5 will come with the processor featured in the iPad 2, the Apple A5.

The news is not exactly surprising, as after all, the iPhone 4 used the same processor as the first generation iPad, the Apple A4. But if you’re eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5 to be released, the reference to the Apple A5 in the iPhone 5 kernel files confirms the fact that Apple indeed plans to offer the new processor with its next generation iPhone.