White iPhone 4 to be Released Next Month (a Little too Late)

According to a new rumor initiated by Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier today, after almost a year of delays, the white iPhone 4 will hit store shelves ‘as early as next month’. With the iPhone 5 around the corner, will the device prove to be successful? We’re not exactly convinced. The white iPhone 4 has been a bag of hurt for Apple, long before the iPhone 4 announcement, back in June 2010. Apple was supposed to release both black and white models simultaneously, but the white version proved to be more challenging to put together than expected, prompting Apple to delay the release of the phone several times. Several issues needed to be addressed by the Cupertino engineers, including the poor performance of the cameras when used outdoors, and problems with the white paint used to coat the device’s front and back faceplates. These issues seem to have finally been fixed, and production is underway. The first batch of white iPhones will be compatible with GSM only, and subsequent batches should include both GSM and CDMA versions of the device. While the device will likely be successful with folks looking for a unique looking iPhone 4, we do not expect long lines to form in front of Apple stores the day the white iPhone 4 launches – the device is simply coming to the market way too late to become a smash hit. And with the iPhone 5 slated to hit the streets in about three months, savvy buyers will likely wait to see if Apple plans to release a white version of the new iPhone as well. A white version of the iPad 2 will be available as early as Friday, so it’s not much of a stretch to think that a white iPhone 5 has been on Apple’s roadmap for quite some time.