3D Games Optimized for iPad 2 Already Starting to Pour In

With the iPad 2 around the corner, iOS developers started to release updated versions of their games, to take advantage of the tablet’s increased processing power, and new graphics engine. For instance, Epic Games is about to re-release its smash hit Infinity Blade, Firemint already released a new version of Real Racing 2 HD, while Electronic Arts just re-launched Dead Space.

Epic Games, the developer behind Infinity Blade, added new optimizations specifically for iPad 2, to take advantage of the processing power of the tablet. As a result, the game looks and plays better than ever, and will likely give you a good glimpse of what the iPad 2’s graphics engine is capable of.

Meanwhile, Firemint was one of the first developers to release an iPad 2 version of one of its games, Real Racing 2 HD. The new version adds full-screen anti-aliasing, fully-modeled vehicle interiors visible through translucent windows, high-detail objects and surfaces, as well as enhanced reflections. The update also takes advantage of the new iPad 2’s gyroscope, for precision steering.

Finally, Electronic Arts claims that the new version of Dead Space looks dramatically better on the iPad 2, as the game now offers “visceral graphics.” Note that these enhancement have been made possible thanks to the brand new processor sported by the iPad 2, the Apple A5. The new chip offers two processing cores instead of one, 512 MB of LPDDR2 memory instead of 256 MB, and a new PowerVR graphics engine from Imagination Technologies, nine times faster than its predecessor. For more details about these games, click below: