iPad 2 is Here! First Unboxing Pictures

After long weeks of waiting, the iPad 2 is finally here, and the new tablet is nothing short of impressive! Here is our first impression review of the black, 32 GB WiFi + 3G (Verizon) model, including unboxing pictures (available after the break). What struck us first is the size difference: when compared to the iPad 2, our ‘old’ first generation iPads look bulky and antiquated. Thanks to a 33-percent thinner design, and its new edges, the iPad 2 looks incredible. The device also feels somewhat lighter than its predecessor. The display looks great, even though it offers the same resolution as the first generation iPad. While not as good as the Kindle when exposed to direct sunlight, the screen performs much better than the screen featured in the first generation iPad. FaceTime is great, as the front camera works well when it comes to video chat. As for the back camera, while it can shoot decent 720p movies, overall, the quality of the pictures it takes is lackluster, especially when compared to what the iPhone 4 can do. HDMI out works as expected, and the device recognized our HDTV out of the box (Samsung UN46C6500). Apps feel snappier, especially apps like Safari, when browsing JavaScript heavy websites. We also installed the recently updated Infinity Blade, to see what the graphics engine was able to deliver. Overall, the game looks better, as aliasing is much less noticeable. More importantly, the game didn’t not show any sign of lag. Overall, the iPad 2 is an amazing device, despite some shortcomings. It looks great, it’s powerful, and best of all, its price is the same as the first generation iPad. What are you waiting for?