(Even) More iPad 2 Benchmarks: 3D Games Look Gorgeous [u]

A slew of developers are working on updating their games to take advantage of the much faster graphics engine offered by the iPad 2, and a handful of them have already re-released some of their best selling titles. Updates to games like Infinity Blade (Epic Games), Real Racing 2 HD (Firemint) and Dead Space (Electronic Arts) were available as early as Friday, and feature incredible graphics. The following Infinity Blade screenshots, released by Touch Arcade yesterday, show obvious improvements, as the game looks a lot smoother on the iPad 2. From higher resolution textures, to heavy use of anti-aliasing, the iPad 2 clearly shows it can handle a lot more than the first generation iPad.

Infinity Blade – Left: first generation iPad – Right: iPad 2

Besides the textures and aliasing improvements, Infinity Blade runs at a much higher framerate, and as a result, the game feels a lot more fluid, smoother and quicker. These enhancement have been made possible thanks to the processor at the heart of the iPad 2, the new Apple A5. The chip offers two processing cores instead of one, 512 MB of fast LPDDR2 memory, as well as a new PowerVR graphics engine, the SGX543MP2 from Imagination Technologies, able to deliver nine times more performance than its predecessor. Update: Here are some new benchmark tests coming from AnandTech