More iPad 2 Benchmarks: Mobile Safari Much Snappier

The iPad 2 sports a faster processor, the new Apple A5, but for non-technical folks (like me), ‘faster processor’ does not really mean anything. We decided to shoot a short video that compares the performance of Mobile Safari running on first and second generation iPads simultaneously, to be able to visualize the performance gain offered by the iPad 2. Overall, the browser is much snappier, which translates into a vastly improved iPad web experience. To compare the real-life performance gain, we opened a slew of browser windows on both iPads, to force the devices to use as much memory as possible, and then started to switch back and forth between them. While the first generation iPad often struggles to render some pages, and needs to reload previously opened pages, the iPad 2 shows an obvious performance gain, as its browser does not need to reload pages nearly as often, and overall, scrolling is much smoother.

Left: first generation iPad – Right: iPad 2

The performance gain comes from two different areas: the fact that the processor is able to run iPad apps up to 65-percent faster, as well as the fact that the device comes with twice as much memory, which allows more apps to run simultaneously, and increases the amount of memory each app can use.