In Brief – iPad 2 Online Orders Begin to Ship – White iPhone Confirmed for this Spring

Folks who ordered their iPad 2 from the Apple Online Store early on Friday just started to receive confirmations that their device was on its way. The shipped iPad 2s seem to be primarily WiFi-only and Verizon compatible models, which seems to confirm that Apple’s inventory of at&t compatible iPad 2s was surprisingly low. The iPad 2s were shipped overnight, and most early buyers should receive their device on March 17.

Folks who placed their order later on Friday will likely have to wait weeks before their device ships, as shipping lead times rapidly increased after 7AM on Friday – current shipping lead times estimates are as high as 4 weeks. Also, good news for folks in the market for a white iPhone: Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller just confirmed via his Twitter account that the device will be available this spring. According to Schiller, the device is “a beauty,” but note that the marketing guru conveniently omitted to mention which version of the iPhone he was referring to, implying that the device may not be an iPhone 4 after all, but could be an iPhone 5 instead.

Releasing a white iPhone 4 would make very little sense at this stage, as the iPhone 5 is slated to hit store selves within the next three months – chances are that Schiller is in fact talking about the next generation iPhone.